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Financial Audit Service


This service will deliver a confidential and independent report of the IT spend within your organisation. It is not expected to replace existing controls, but to provide a second opinion, to present an alternative view, to identify new cost and/or efficiency savings.
Spreadsheet Work The intention is to keep involvement of senior management to a minimum. Raw financial information will be gathered directly from the company general ledger and accounts payable records. Once gathered data is analysed in detail, then returned in a comprehensive report. The report will provide a number of views of the costs, by service, by department, simplified reports show On-going costs separated from depreciation/ project costs. The report will also highlight hidden costs which mask the real cost of IT to your company
The report will be then provided in:

If required, further reports can be initiated to drill underneath the costs and identify the business case for proposals to improve the cost efficiency of your business.


All information is treated in the strictest of confidentiality. A non-disclosure agreement is agreed at the outset of this work.

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